A new level of busy and teaching

Apa Khabar, keluarga?

Oh my heck, it sounds like everyone is just having a grand old time at home! I miss you all but can’t wait to talk for mother’s day! I will be skyping at 11 ish my time on Monday. I think it’ll be an hour, so we’ll plan for that! I’m mega excited to see you all! I’ll make sure to shower to I look nice 😉 Haha jokes. I always shower. 
Well what can I say about this week? It was so busy! These weeks are just compounding on each other, getting busier and busier each time! I guess that is the life of an STL? Haha blessing AND a curse. 
Well last Monday for P-Day, a lot of us missionaries went to a park to play ultimate frisbee. I actually was on the field for one game. I wasn’t much of a player. I activley avoided the frisbee at all costs and when I was thrown it once, I threw it to someone on the other team. I know the Lord strengthens me in all things, but I’m hopelessly lost with sports. After that game I just sat under a tree and worked on my tan 😀 
Tuesday and Wednesday were busy with appointments, both for Toa Payoh ward and Ang Mo Kio ward…but mostly Toa Payoh. Haha! Tuesday night we went less active finding with some sisters from the Relief Society for AMK. I was with a sweet Filipina lady in our ward. She is the cutest little mama. She has two boys, the youngest who just got baptized. Well we were taking public transport and got all sorts of lost. We did get to two of the homes we were hoping for. One sister we even talked to! She has been less active for 9 years, because she goes to another church. However, she promptly told us that her Visiting Teacher comes every month and helps her with doctors appointments and stuff. What a dedicated Visiting Teacher!!
Thursday I had my first Missionary Leadership Council (MLC)! Its this six hour beast of a meeting that all the STLs and Zone leaders go to with President and Sister Mains, and the Assistants. Man we have amazing zone leaders! I felt so under qualified to be there! The big focus on the mission right now is finding new investigators. The mission goal for 2014 is 545 baptisms, That is based on all the numbers the Stake and District Presidents gave to President Mains. Its slow going, but we can make it. There is a standard of Excellence for two new investigators a week. Its really hard to reach, but President is a firm believer in Miracles. He’s so inspired. He talked about the miracle model in contrast to other models of working. The miracle model means taking what we can do and then having the faith for a miracle. We see this model when Jesus Christ fed 5,000 with only five loaves and two little fishes. They had what they had and then they had faith for a miracle. Its awesome. My favorite part of MLC, however, was the testimony meeting at the end. If I wasn’t feeling under qualified before, I sure was after that. Missionary testimonies born under the influence of the spirit is enough to move all sorts of things. Mountains, stubborn people, stagnant testimonies. 
Right after MLC, we booked it over to the other side of the island and dropped me off to exchange with the Clementi Sisters. We spend the night the night before at their house and then exhange the next day. Friday night, sister Waldvogel and Sister Lewis came and then we exchanged with the Chua Chu Kang sisters on Saturday. It was really good to be with the sisters and help them with their work. I taught the clementi sisters some tips and trick to door knocking, and they are excited to try them out. Saturday night, we spent the night at sister Lewis’s old apartment at Newton, because we had Toa Payoh Ward council at 7:30 at the stake center. Our house is an hour away by train. Her house is a two minute walk. The only problem is that we didn’t plan on that…so we washed our underwear and pillaged some clothes from other sisters to wear. 
Sunday was insane in the brain. Toa Payoh Ward goes from 9 to 12 at one chapel, and then Ang Mo Kio goes from 1 to 4 at another chapel. By MRT it takes about 45 minutes to get from one to the other. We were running all over the island with two days worth of makeup, clothes, pillows, and blankets. Not so fun. But the testimonies born in both wards were so beautiful, it made it all worth it.  The people here are feeling the missionary fire, and its amazing. 
Today we are going to a beach with a bunch of missionaries to play volleyball and stuff, so I’m excited for that and will try to take pictures. This week we don’t have any exchanges, and our days are already full. Its been a while since I’ve worked this hard for this long, but I love it. Its making the time fly by, and I think I like it, but its weird too,. This Wednesday I hit my seven month mark! Aiyo, I’m an older missionary now! 
I love you all! Keep up the good work!
Sister Romney
1. Me, sister Lewis and Elder Hord, three of the five AMK missionaries!
2. This is one of the member children in the ward! We are BFFs. PS He’s half Chinese, half Filipino.
3.Our FHE group! We have an extra elder here. Also, all the chairs are because we did a maze.
4. Sister Waldvogel and I at a fancy wedding a couple weeks back. 



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