Busy busy week in a tri companionship

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Pics: Bread in a vending machine, Singapore’s fastest sprinter (used to be), Some great kids we are teaching, Light saber magic.

Hello my family!

To answer questions:
We are over 5 and a half companionships. We have about 40 sisters I think about 180 missionaries total.
I love that you are using facebook to share the gospel! Its the best right? But you really could choose a better picture mom 😉 haha jokes. I’m so happy you are watching conference, because it is amazing.

This week was another blink week! I blinked and it was gone! I don’t remember if I told you, but we are in a TRIO now with Sister Lewis. She’s a sweet sister who has been out for one transfer less than me. Her companion, Sister Bickmore, had to go home because she had a sick tummy for a long time. So for now, sister Lewis is with us! In addition to our STL duties (in the Nacho Voice), we are also covering Toa Payoh ward, where Sister Lewis has been her whole mission. Its makes for VERY busy days. We only have two exchanges this week, which will be ok. Friday it will be just me with the companionship and saturday we’ll have all three of us with another companionship. Man, I love these sisters, but I tell you, I have never slept so good every night, and I love love love my lunch time naps! Sister Lewis is really fun, so we’re doing great as a trio!
So! Have you told you about S and K? I don’t think I have. Ok, so S and K are a brother and sister who are Indian who have been taught for the last year or so. They are 15 and 12 respectively and they rock my world. Their parents are very strongly Hindu and will not let them be baptized right now.  However, they come to church every week, have been taught all the lessons multiple times and are just waiting to be baptized. No worries about them whatsoever. We’re trying to fellowship their parents with some members so the parents will understand the blessing this is. We also taught them about family history and they are working in their “my family” books with their parents. I’m banking on those blessing prophets promise those who do family history work to soften their parent’s hearts. These kids are already talking about missions and temple marriage and stuff. They are what I call, “dry mormons” 😀 Just not baptized yet!!
Our third investigator is I. He’s on date for June 14 and its looking pretty good! Hopefully my first baptism?? Haha he is a great chinese man. He has a lot of faith in Jesus Christ and loves the culture of the church. We like him a lot.
Sorry I don’t have more to say this week, but I’ll send heaps of pictures. I love you all so much and know this gospel is true. Its basically the best!
Sister Romney



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