Easter in Singapore

This is a bit of a conversation Haley and I had.

Mom:  How was your Easter? Haley: It was NOTHING like compared to home. We had an extra sister we picked up on saturday because she is from Malaysia and is going to Boston. She had to be set apart and get her patriarchal blessing, so we spent saturday and part of sunday with her.  so our sunday consisted of two hours of church so we could run her back to another chapel for her blessing, and then going home at 6 ish to move furniture. Another sister has been having health problems just as much as sister B and went home this morning, so her comp, sister Lewis, is going to be in a trio with us. We had to move beds and stuff.

Mom: Do you just loves busy days? Haley: Busy days are the best, but I would like some busy days with investigators. One of the trials of being a missionary leader is that we don’t spend much time in our area working with investigators. Sister Waldvogel really wants to help the members, so we’re trying to focus on that. But since we are exchanging THREE times this week, who knows what will happen. Plus sister Lewis’s area is hopping, so we’ll have to figure that one out too…

Big Email:
Holloh…I mean, Hello (Name that movie)

So, pretty sure I had no idea Mother’s Day was in three weeks. Apa hal, things are flying by. Didn’t we just talk at christmas last month? 
Well Singapore is still hot, still humid, still amazing. Our week, quite literally, FLEW by! This week was crazy busy with STL stuffy-stuff. Tuesday we had North zone’s Zone Meeting, Wednesday we attended a chinese wedding dinner (More on that later), Thursday we taught a Muslim (Cause that is LEGAL here), friday was an exchange with the 4th ward sisters, saturday we were with a cute new sister going to Boston from Malaysia, named Sister Ng, and Sunday was more of that kind of stuff. Aioh. Here we go.
So first, chinese wedding. Really, it was just the reception. It was for a member family. Their daughter was marrying a white guy she met at BYU-H. She is Singaporean, and he is…white. Anyway. They turned it into a complete missionary opportunity which is amazing. At least 250 people were there and there were 12 missionaries, including the Mains. They strategically put the missionaries at tables full on non-members and encouraged us to talk with them. Sister Waldvogel and I were at a table of Brother Ang (the father)’s sailing friends. Yes, I was at a table of Singaporean sailors. None were Pirates though, I don’t think. OH, SUMMER! One time, one guy’s ship was boarded by pirates I think in Africa or something back in the day, and to get them off, they shot them with their fire hose of water! No one was hurt, but their ship was pirate free! WOOT! So besides the great company and the NINE courses I ate with CHOPSTICKS (Applause are appreciated here), the missionaries were asked to sing a number or two. All of us, minus the Mains, sang Families can be together forever AND love one another, in English AND chinese! It was really fun. Sure, we didn’t get any numbers from it personally, but I know that those people we talked to will be a little more open when they see another missionary next time. 
Oh my heck, I’ve taught my first Muslim! So, in Singapore, its totally legally ok to teach and baptize Muslims as long as they were born in Singapore. Our guy was! He called us on Monday actually and said he wanted to meet. As it turns out, he was taught all the lessons, is really smart and knows this is true and has a real desire to be baptized. The problem is that he would be disowned by his family and wife if he did convert. Its the saddest thing ever, but he will be taken care of. Maybe his time isn’t now, but it will someday. 
We exchanged with the sisters in fourth ward, Sister Alfrey, from Seattle WA, and Sister Reach from Cambodia! This was our first exchange and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it went really well. I was with Sister Alfrey and we had a really good day of lessons. Not only that…WE FOUND DAIRY QUEEN!!!!! It was the highlight of my day! Pictures to come! I got a FABULOUS mango cheesecake blizzard. 
Ok so! Sister Ng is from  Malaysia. She is the cutest human ever, going to serve in Boston, Mass! She is so excited but is most nervous about her English. Its pretty good already, but I did talk to her in my Simple malaysia English. It was great to whip it out again, since EVERYONE in Singapore speaks better English than me. Anyway, we spent Saturday with her as she got set apart and part of sunday with her until she got her patriarchal blessing. Basically I love her forever and never wanted her to leave.
So, easter.mormon.org. Is that the video you were talking about? It rocked my world! I suggest sharing it to help you talk to your friends about the gospel. I’ve learned so much how Jesus loves everyone (I know, so cliche and Jesus Freak to say). I can’t fully express my feeling, but if I did, it would be this video. 
Well I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! I should know soon the details on chatting.
Love, Sister Romney
singing in the rain and Elders/bodyguards Smith and Hord




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