Saying goodbye to Penang; Working in Singapore

Hey there family!

Guess where I am!!! Thats right! I’m emailing you from the great country of Singapore! I got in on Wednesday night and have just jumped right into the fray of being an STL (Sister Training Leader). Thursday morning we had to pick up the new missionaries (9) and spend all day with them and then friday we had a morning meeting thing with all of them again when they got their companions. The poor things were so tired. I remember when I came in and it felt like the day would never end. 
Ok, so answer Mom’s questions:
Do STL’s all over the world do the same things? Or does it differ by mission?  I have no idea what STLs are like in other missions. Its a new thing, so I imagine it would be slightly different. Our main purpose is to go on exchanges at least once a transfer with the sisters and help them be better missionaries.
So who replaced you in Penang? So Sister Bradfield stayed in Penang and her new companion is Sister Ramahefarivo. She’s from Madagascar!
Will you be the STL for Penang and KL?  in the last transfer, our job description got changed, from Singapore and West Malaysia, to Singapore only. I will not be able to go back to KL or Penang on exchanges, which is like, the worst thing ever, but I’ll be ok. We’re very excited to focus on the Sisters in Singapore. 
How many STL’s are there in your mission? There are three sets now. East Malaysia, West Malaysia, and Singapore. 
So my new companion is Sister Waldvogel. She’s from San Diego California, but most recently St. George Utah. She has been out for 9 months already and it the funniest girl ever. We get along really well. She is a total hipster on SOOO many levels and it cracks me up. My favorite part is that I can finally share clothes with my companions. Don’t get me wrong, Sister Bradfield is great, she’s just too skinny to share clothes with ;P 
So how is Singapore? Hot! Humid! I got really used to a nice Penang breeze and cooler temperature being farther off the equator. I’m freakishly close to that stinkin’ equator now and its making me sweat like a chinese man in a sauna. It be nast. But its really clean, just like everyone says! The thing I can’t get over though, is just how many missionaries there are. Like, every meal is spent with other missionaries. Remember that one time I was in Penang and the closest missionaries were on the other side of the Island? Yeah. No more. I guess I’ll have to get out of my hermit ways pretty quick. Plus being STL makes us the automatic favorite, of course ;P It could just be sister Waldvogel though…still figuring that one out. 
So get this. The Ang Mo Kio ward where I’m serving? First, its a ward. Second, it had 130 active members. I just about died when sister waldvogel told me! I’m coming from Branches of 50 or 60! How am I supposed to remember all those names?!?! I don’t understand! Aiyo, I’ll be needing a spirit of remembrance or something! We’ve had a few activities with the ward members already, just small gatherings after conference and stuff, but they are all really cool.
Oh my heck! We watched General Conference this weekend and it rocked my world. I loved loved loved the Saturday sessions. If you haven’t watched them already, DO IT! Like, just take a Saturday or Sunday and just watch them through to the end. The messages were all about gearing up for the trials that will come. They really touched me and made me think about what I’m doing to strengthen my testimony. I also loved the talk called “Following Up” by Elder Packer. He challenged members to invite a friend to take the lessons at least once a quarter (every three months). FAMILY! I invite you to do the same! Heavenly father wants your help in doing missionary work. That is something I’ve learned on my mission. heavenly father could totally do this work by himself, but he allows us to feel of his joy by letting us labor in his vineyard.
Well I love you all so much! Remember to read your scriptures everyday and pray!
Sister Romney
Goodbye to Sis. Bradfield, the Angus’, Hello Sis. Waldvogel, and then a bunch of people from the branch and other missionaries.



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