Transferred to Sister Training Leader in Singapore

Well hey there family o’ mine!

I love reading about all of your adventures at home! I’m not ready to join I them yet because all of Malaysia is not converted, but I’ll be home soon enough 🙂 my six month mark is on Wednesday, which is mentally ill, to be completely honest. How have I already been out for a third of my mission? It’s nuts. Absolutely nuts. 
I’m so jealous you got to watch conference already. I’m so excited. How it goes in countries that are too far off America’s time table is we watch it the week after. So this weekend is conference for us! I was able to watch a bit of a talk with the Angus’ just in passing and I’m really excited. They tell me that Jeffrey R Holland gave a scorching talk Saturday morning. If you haven’t watched it, sister Angus suggests it! It’s focused on the youth I guess? Anyway, I love him anyway, so I’m excited. 
So zone conference was amazing, as always. It was focused a lot on finding new investigators and using ward members as tools for this. Sister bradfield and I got all pumped about it, so we went knocking on Friday again. Man, I love knocking, it’s just so efficient for talking to people. Sister bise sent me a letter the really changed my perspective on it. She mentioned how people are craving human contact in a world of screens and digital media ( or something to that effect) and that really it me, and I would mostly agree. We meet really nice people knocking. Religion is a big part of life here, so it’s not weird that we show up on their doorstep and ask to talk about god. Totally can! 

We got some bad news from S this week. She lost her job in Penang and can’t find another one. She’s been sick recently and her mom wants her to stay home for a month or two until she starts school in June so she can get we’ll. I understand her point of view. She has been progressing so much in the last couple weeks, it breaks my heart to see her  away from the church. We’ve called her almost every night though, and she’s still so solid. She is reading her Book of Mormon and understanding it, plus she totally asked what the lesson would be in gospel principles class on Sunday, asking us to fill her in on what happened to Adam and Eve 🙂 she’s going to be baptized and be a major kingdom builder in Malaysia. She just has hit some  adversity.

So the highlight of my week was visiting K S. Oh My Lanta, I adore this man. He is just a sweet spirit of god’s and he reminds us all the time how much he loves us. Yup. I melt. But anyway, we met with him on Friday and as we were reading with him in the Book of Mormon as per usual, he just came out and bore testimony about Jesus Christ! Woah! Sister bradfield hopped onto this golden opportunity and invited him to bear his  testimony on Sunday. He was resistant at first for a number of reasons, but he gave in when Sister b offered to write down what he wanted to say. It was short and simple and true. He practiced it a few times to get a feel for it, and then we left. When we saw him again on Sunday, we asked where his paper was and he said he didn’t have it because he memorized it. He got up and true enough, he had memorized what he wanted to say, but he also spoke from his heart. He is seriously the cutest man ever. My face hurt from smiling so much.

Well transfer news came in and I’m being transferred to Singapore to be a sister training leader! I’m so nervous, but I’m so excited. So next time I email I’ll be in Singapore!

Well I love you all so much! Have a great week!
Sister Romney



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