Greetings from Singapore

Hey hey hey familey!!! (So that rhymed in my mind)

Greetings from Singapore! I’m typing in a super dark internet kadai so I can’t see the keys. All those years of computer t yping and practicing NOT looking at the keys is NOT working, obviously! So please forgive any major typos. Its a real struggle.
So this week was not one of our best. I mean, it totally happens. Missions are like yo-yos, Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. But when you’re down, you’re bound to jump back up again 🙂 Faith, grasshopper. When I say not our best, it was still amazing, obviously. I mean, I get to live in the most beautiful country with the most beautiful people, on the most beautiful Island of P-E-N-A-N-G. I’m an islander now!
So easily the highlight of our week was S coming to church again! This makes it week two in a row! We met with her Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday! Friday was just a quick lesson on a bus stop reading scriptures with her. Saturday was awesome. We go and pick up her up close by where she works and then take a bus together to the church, which is like a twenty minute walk from the bus stop. So, there we are on Saturday waiting with our wicked cool member present ready to take a bus when all of a sudden, the Relief Society President, Sister K A just like, shows up and offers us a ride to the church! We’re all, “totally can lah!” Not on that, but she totally bought us cendol and ice kacang. Cendol (The c makes a ch sound in Malay) is my favorite thing in life. I will seriously learn how to make it before I go so I can eat it all day long at home. Its all coconut milk and green noodles and brown sugar and ice…and don’t forget the red beans! Those are the best part! Anyway, she bought us some really famous Cendol and she and S totally bonded! She is just fitting very nicely into the branch’s fabrics 🙂 Anyway, K A gave us a ride to the church and it started raining! Fun fact about Malaysians. They claim that the sun and the rain can kill you in two seconds flat. It is amazing. Anyway, I totally ran out in the rain to unlock he church gate and S, our member present and K A all just about died (All locals). I am happy to report, though, that I didn’t melt in the rain 😀 Our lesson with S was amazing. We taught her Gospel of Jesus Christ and she reset her baptismal date. It was originally for this saturday, but she was not going to make that. So we let HER set her date this time and she set it for July 26. We’re so excited her, and she will totally be ready way before that! 
Other than S on saturday, we went with a couple in the branch to makkan (Malay for Eat! We makkan all day every day) on Gurney  Drive, one of the most famous places to eat in Penang. The food was amazing, of course. I totally ate a bite of chicken feet. IT was so nasty I couldn’t muster any more down, not even kidding.  
So Sunday S came to church! She made it on time too! I have such a testimony of members fellowshipping. It is just as important as the missionary lessons. The branch has just taken S in in so many ways. It has helped her feel so at home, and since she’s so shy, it is crucial. But she has so many friends. This saturday we’re even planning a “Girl’s night” with the branch’s sisters and S will be coming and spending the night in another Tamil member’s home to come to church on sunday, since she wouldn’t be able to make it back home in time to get the last bus. Penang branch rocks hard core. So anyway, Sunday! Besides fellowshipping, she learned a lot I think. She’s recognizing more and more the source of her blessing, namely heavenly father. She’s just so stinkin’ amazing! I love teaching her, because, lets be honest, she teaches me! After church, she came with us to an ex-pat member’s home for lunch/ dinner. The members, the R’s, have a bunch of kids and S just adores them. She’s basically going to be the next Primary President. 
We had some other appointments last week as well. In fact, we had dinner appointments every night this week, which is such a blessing. Really, the members here take care of us! 
Well, best send pictures off to you all, but I love you all SO much and hope you have amazing weeks!
Sister Romney



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