Two new investigating families

Hello America (and surrounding areas)!!!!!!

Ok, I can take a hint with questions in bold mom 😉 

How is Sister Bradfield? MUCH MUCH BETTER! Many thanks for any and all prayers on her behalf! The doctors still don’t know WHY she’s broken.  But she has had lots and lots more energy since Saturday which is such a blessing. She is usually back to her perky self, until her stomach rolls over. Then she just sort of makes her face all pinched and squishy like.

So pretty sure yesterday (Sunday) was like, my favorite day ever. S, our gorgeous investigator who we’ve been working with for ages upon ages, finally came to church! It was the most stressful but amazing moment ever. Because she lives in a city in Perak, (another state. She’s probably the distance of Spokane and Pullman, I think), coming to Penang on a Sunday morning is hard. She left her house at 7.30 sunday morning and didn’t get to the bus stop until 10.10. And Church starts at 10 AM and we still had to walk 20 minutes to the chapel. And I was giving a talk. And the first speaker. Everything just sort of compounded on the thing previous. However, we successfully made it to church just after the sacrament (dang it) and right as we walked in, I pretty much just walked up to the pulpit to give my talk. It went really well considering saturday night I had a sore throat and a shortish fever. But I was all better by morning 🙂 Anyway, the whole branch just took S in and loved her to small little pieces. And S loved it (I think)! She’s coming back next week too, and she’s promised to leave her house earlier 😀

Comparing Panang with Spokane and the issues facing people, what do I think is the biggest problems families face in Malaysia?

This is a tough question. Families are a big part of the culture here. Chinese children, for example, don’t leave their families until they are married, so many time you meet people who are 30 and still living with Mom and Dad. I think a big thing would be the importance of marriage. Its very traditional to have like, a six year plan for marriage. The couple needs to have a house and a car and money and a career and all of this stuff. So that is really hard I think. Also big families are pretty unusual I think. So thats what satan is doing over here. Just attacking marriage from the “don’t get married” side.

In other news, we have two new investigators this week! One is R, a tamil man with two sons and a really sweet wife, L. She wasn’t there for the lesson because she has to teach her Tamil class, but we’re excited for our next lesson with them. The second is another Tamil woman named P, who has three sons. She’s taken some christian bible classes when she was younger, so we’re excited to see what she brings. Considering we didn’t really get out of the house to do work until Friday, I would say that is pretty good. We also had to drop one investigator because he just isn’t ready. We’ve had a bit of a churning in our teaching pool, but heavenly father always makes up for it. We came to the area with, like, one (Sasi) and now we have five and lots of potential investigators we are really excited about. Since we don’t have a lot of appointments this week, we’re going to make it a point to try and knock everyday and get load of new potentials 😀 MISSIONARY WORK IS MY FAVORITE!

Well I love you all! Have such good weeks! Be good! Don’t forget to read the Book of Mormon and Pray!

Sister Romney

PS. April 10th, transfer day = six months for Sister Romney. I’m freaking out, because I’m so not that old.

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