more hospital time

Hey family! So I’m really sorry if this email is shorter than usual…I’m typing from an iPad, so it could get sticky all up over here. I’ll tell you the fun story soon 🙂 

So this week was another for the books. We taught the restoration lesson three times in a row to three different investigators…I’d say we’re pro at it now. Sister bradfield is getting better and better at teaching. I’ve also realized I’m turning into a control freak, which is surprising, but maybe in my old age I’m hanging on the shreds of reality…or maybe I’m just not used to sharing 😉 so she’s working on teaching more while I’m working on teaching less. It’s working out ok so far I think. We had one new investigator this week. She a cute 18-year-old named F. We found her while mall contacting a few weeks ago actually. We were chatting with a girl selling pens at one little stall, because you know how much I love pens, and this seller of pens was all, “well I don’t want to be Christian, but my friend does, over at that stall!” So we go over and BEHOLD! It’s F who loves Jesus and is waiting until she’s old enough to declare here own religion so she can be Christian. Basically, The Lord has been laboring in this part of the vineyard for a long time and now we are reaping the fruit. F accepted a soft baptismal invitation, so next time we meet her we hope to give heard.  Are to work towards 🙂 we also have two appointments in tis coming week with people we met knocking here. There is this one apartment complex very close to our house we have been knocking for a while now that just keeps yielding those who want to hear more. So since we have a few more blocks to knock, I guess we’ll continue to knock it 🙂
Ok, so here is the big story. Sister bradfield is still pretty sick, so we went into the hospital wednesday morning to have more tests run. When we went back Saturday to review the results, they came back pretty clean. Maybe a minor infection in the intestines. But as the doctor was poking her tummy, she had pain on here right side. After five or six more prods and question, the doctor said the devil word, “appendicitis” and basically, everything broke loose for there. The doctor ordered a CT scan, we called sister mains to make sure that was ok, and then she had an appointment for noon that same day for the scan. We came back at noon. As they called her in, I went to walk with her, and the nurse was all, ” patient onlylah,” and I was all, “uhhhhhh…we have to stay together for religious purposes.” So they let me sit with her while she got a port thing in her arm, but then I was exiled to the hallway to wait for her. It was only supposed to be a 20 minute procedure, but I spent 45 minutes alone before the doctor came out. It took so long because sister bradfield had an allergic reaction to the contrast they gave her. He told me she had to stay overnight for monitoring. Her appendix is fine. The doctor we have is a little diagnosis happy and shoots procedures like some people eat cereal. Way too much. There was more “uhhhhhhhh….” From me. But after calling more people and canceling an appointment, I was getting her admitted while she laid on a gurney like a dead slug. She was a beautiful looking dead slug though 🙂 we got a Nice double room on the seventh floor and only had to share it for a few hours until the other patients were discharged. Through out the day she got shot up with different antibiotics  and other get better concoctions. By bedtime she was doing better. However, we still had to spend the night. At about 10, a nurse came in and asked if I would spend the night with sister b. of course I was, so she turned and left and came back with a book for me to sign and a glorified beach chair that would be my bed. To be honest, I was grateful for anything other than the chair I had been sitting in for the last 8 hours. She showed me how to lay it out and gave me a tip or two of how to make it more comfortable, and then left. It was bed time. Earlier in the evening, the anguses and the mains ( who were conveniently in town ) came by gave us food. I was able to give the anguses a list of thing I needed from home, including contact solution and case, yoga pants, a hair tie, my glasses and my quilt. With all of these, it wasn’t so bad to sleep that night. We were woken up at about three and six so sister b could be tested to see if she was dead, and alas, she wasn’t. Blessings 🙂 we were discharged Sunday morning at about 11:30. So unfortunately, we missed church. It’s the first, and hopefully the last.

Last time that will happen on my mission. Sister b spent most of the rest of Sunday sleeping while I learned the fine art of staring at walls  and pondering the universe. But in between that, I did more inside missionary work, set up a few appointments for the coming week and all, and then read my scriptures, doodled, figured out how to view all my old picture on our tv, pretty much everything. If she hadn’t woken up, I think I would have solved world hunger and found a cure for cancer. 

Now it is today and because she’s still pretty tired, we’re up at the anguses using their laptop, or in my case, their iPad, to email you so we wouldn’t have to bike to our regular place. I don’t mind one bit. Biking makes me sweaty. Sister mains instructed sister b to rest lots this week, so we’ll probably try to get maybe one appointment a day just to get us out of the house, and you know, to be missionaries.
I love you all and am so excited to see pictures of Mac without his braces and summer getting ready for Sadie’s, and dad rolling around in his fancy new wheels, and mommy doing her mommy thing by balancing all of that and even fitting family dinner in there. I’ll send pictures in a little bit from the laptops after sister bradfield finishes with it. Says sayung kamu!!
Sister Romney 

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