Knock, knock, knocking! Pretty Indian clothes

Alma 26:28.

This scripture is what we do. All. The. Time.
Ok anyway. So this week was one of those weeks that flew by but dragged on as well. Hard to explain, but its just that way. We had a total of 8 appointments scheduled, which is a lot for us, and all but two cancelled. Yeah, a big ouch. So we had to find other ways to be busy. My favorite part of the week was knocking!
Ok, so I’ve been knocking a few times now and I hated it at first. Absolutely hated it. For me, it was like, going door to door, selling my religion. And to be honest, a few people weren’t very nice about it. Its easy to get discouraged when you get rejection after rejection. And the BEST part of knocking houses is that there is a 30 foot gate you have to yell through, so you can be hoarse if you do it for too long. So after a day or two of house knocking, I was about ready to throw in the towel. 
We had more time and knew we needed to go find new people to teach, so we decided to go try some flats close by our house. We say them in our mapbook and they looked ok. SO! We walk over there and we’re nervous because we don’t know if the guard will stop us. Since there was no guard, we just sort of when in and got to work. A lot of people weren’t home because its was a Friday, but then again, a lot of people were home because it WAS a friday. As we went door to door again, we decided to change the way we talked to people. Rather than asking if they wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ, we said we’re sharing a message of families. This perked people up because a lot of the chinese culture involves families. After we reached the top of the flats, we were about to take the lift down when we heard some people coming home! LIke sharks to a blood bath, we capitalized on this opportunity of PEOPLE! Two women got home. One chinese, one Tamil. The chinese lady shut us down in two seconds flat, but we talked with the tamil woman a while. Turns out she has two boys and a husband. We had just gotten her husband’s number and said we would call to set up an appointment to come back and visit, when who should get home from work, but the husband! He promptly invited us in and we talked with them for a bit. We shared about the Plan of Salvation, something we were talking to the wife, L, about. R, the husband, is a really nice man with strong beliefs in the idea of “everything.” We had to leave for another appointment, but we are going back to visit them on Saturday! We have a ton of home for this family. Sister Bradfield and I already planned out their church career. He’s going to be the new branch president and she’ll be the Relief Society President. Its going to be GREAT!
So on Saturday, we went out with some members from India who have been in Penang the last 5 months working, but who will be going back at the end of the month. SUPER sad day. We will miss them. ANYWAY, we decided to take full advantage of their skills and magic by taking sister bradfield to buy a Punjabi suit. It was great fun, buuuuut I accidentally bought another one. Oops! Haha ok, so it was a willing mistake, but they are just so pretty! I really am Tamil inside. We even ate Banana Leaf before and I ate the whole thing with my hands! Really, I’m just going to have to get really tan to complete the transformation. So anyway, I now have, um…THREE Punjabi Suits. I almost feel bad, except I don’t. Considering I only bought one of them myself and it was only 60RM, AKA 20USD, I’m really not all the torn up about it. 
Well family, thats it for me! Happy Birthday to Mac and keep your chin up wedding planners! I love you all!
Sister Romney
1. Sister Bradfield makes an excellent cut cleaner.
2. I’m a pretty Tamil Butterfly!!
3. Sister Bradfield in her Punjabi suit.
4. Ok, funny story. Tuesday night, we sister and the two elder and Elder and Sister Angus were all in the Anguses mini van driving back from a dinner appointment we were all invited to. As I was hopping out of the back seat, I guess a hook grabbed my foot so I fell onto my one knee while my other leg was being held prisoner. My hands were fine, but my pride was a bit bruised. Falling out of a van in a skirt isn’t very graceful. AAAND I’m pretty sure poor Elder Sutherland saw my underwear. Awkward Moment. 
5. Its such a delightful problem to have 😀
6. The group of Psuedo-indians

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