Hospitals and naps and miracles

Once upon a time I had something witty to say at the beginning of this email. I guess I left it at home with our bike lock.

This week was a miracle in itself. Sister Bradfield and I spent tuesday night in the hospital because she had been having diarrhea  for two weeks and was just SO sick. We were at the Perkin’s home, a white couple, doing service when she got really bad. She just sort of curled up on the couch and moaned. I was really tempted to try and moan louder than her and have a moan off, but that might have been a little uncalled for. Plus I was calling half the mission trying to figure out what to do. Just our luck, president and sister mains were flying to Hong Kong for a conference, so they were not able to answer their phones. However, one of the Assistants to the president is Elder Robinson, my best friend elder from my first transfer in KL, so i’ve got all the sweet connections 😉 But anyway, we decided to take her to Penang Adventist Hospital where Sister Perkins walked in like she owned the place. When four white people walk into a chinese hospital, people take notice, which in this case worked to our benefit. They threw sister Bradfield onto a bed right there and started sucking her blood right there to run tests. Right after they took her blood, they shot her up with a magical drip of awesomeness–some sort of water compound mixed with rehydrators.  We sat there for a lovely 3 hours while she slowly has life put back into her veins. I got to play with hospital equipment and fulfill my life long dream of being a nurse, so I was all too happy to stay with her.
We were able to leave at about 11:30 pm with MORE hydrating supplies for Sister B. The Anguses were amazing enough to come relieve the Perkins and take us home since we live 6 floors below them. We spent all of Wednesday in our house with sister Bradfield sleeping. She was bushed. I was lucky enough to have 3 conference editions of the ensign and read some of those. Since our appointments cancelled, it was no problem. Thursday was a super planning day and then more napping for sister B. We were able to leave to go visit a member of the branch who was preparing a talk. Since they’re only a 10 minute bike ride away, it was a good short ride to get sister Bradfield’s blood moving. 
So here is the miracle. As you may know, we set goals every week for how many lessons and stuff we want to teach. Well we set higher goals for this week because we are stretching ourselves, right? Well obviously, Monday through Thursdays, we had zeros for our daily goals. However, in two days, on Friday and Saturday, we met or even exceeded our goals for the week. It was AMAZING! Heavenly Father is awesome like that. I took care of Sister Bradfield, and he took care of us. 
So This transfer is going to be the beginning of an era. Penang is an area that not many people want to go to for missionary work, something I’m glad I didn’t know when I got here. Due to the high buddhist population, there aren’t a lot of baptisms or missionary work happening. HOWEVER! That is all about to change with Me and Sister Bradfield. We are going to take this stale area and smack it in the face with a breath of White-Girl air! The mission set a standard of excellence of one new investigator per week and we have taken that to heart. President Main’s goal has become our goal, and we think we’ll be able to do it with a lot of member present referrals, tracting and prayer.
Right now our investigator pool is up to four! We dropped D but picked up a former investigator named J and have a new investigator named M E. Yes. That is her name. She is the coolest girl ever. She became christian only 5 months ago and her goal in life is to become more like Jesus Christ. She’s pretty much my favorite human ever right now. She’s already committed to reading the Book of Mormon, Praying and Coming to Church. She smells golden to me!
We’re super excited for this week. We don’t have many plans yet, but with lots of hard work and even more faith, we know we’ll be busy. I love you all so much and know that the missionaries in the Newman Lake ward are so lucky to have you all. There is a talk called “Put your trust in the lord,” from last conference that you all should read. I came across it among many other in my study of the modern scriptures, aka, conference ensigns! 
I love you all! Have a spectacular week!
Sister Romney
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Entertaining Sis. Bradfield in the hospital
Hiking, hiking
in the hospital

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