Busy week!

Hello family!

Sorry we couldn’t chat last week! I hope you enjoyed the fruits of that horrid internet kedai, what with all the extra languages and all. We’re back in Penang, at our lovely civilized email place and we’re loving it. 
So here was our schedule this week: 
Monday: Leave for Ipoh at noon. Arrive at 2:30. Busy day of bowling and other such shenanigans with the zone. The moral of the story? I suck at bowling, but I CONSISTENTLY suck. Its like that Jack Sparrow quote,” You can always trust a liar to lie. Its the truthful ones you’ve got to look out for.” Pirates of the Carrabean quote on a mission? Totally can!
Tuesday: Zone meeting (Super amazing). Lunch (Also super amazing, but then again, chicken curry rarely disappoints). Drive back to Penang and spend the rest of our day finishing up p-day stuff we couldn’t do on monday, ie shopping.
Wednesday: Leave super early to fly to KL. Arrive in KL and go straight to New Missionary Training. It was fabulous. Then go to dinner at KLCC with people, then go to the KL and Cheras house and PARTY!! Actually, it was more like, “lets talk like girls until 1 in the morning because I miss your faces.” That kind of party.
Thursday: Fly home, super plan, get ready for the sister training leaders, and go pick them up from the airport.
Whew! Friday is where the fun began. So the sister Training leaders are like the assistants, but for sisters. They are Sister Bishop and Sister Guzman (my trainer) and guess who I went on exchanges with? Thats right! Mama G!! For the first time on her mission, she rode a bike in a skirt and she only fell off one and had to fix the chain twice! Thats pretty good for her first day 🙂 We also visited with a potential investigator who we were really excited for, but they was just like, “uh, i didn’t think we’d be talking about this. If I had known I wouldn’t have shown up.” Shot to the heart, major. We also had a great lesson with a less active man named K S. I don’t remember if I’ve told you about him. He’s hillarious to meet with. He’s a 70 year old chinese guy. We meet him with a slightly younger member, T, and they are just funny together. They really are friends, but K S rolls his eye at everything T says. SO FUNNY! Its really great to meet with him. We just read from the Book of Mormon to strengthen both of their testimonies and its going better. K S has a hard time coming to church because he’s so old and still cycles everywhere. He’s in a lot of pain for no reason, so thats hard too.
Sister Bishop and Sister Bradfield went knocking and met up with us at Komtar where we teach K S and then we went to dinner at some authentic Penang places. Lots of fun with the STLs.
Saturday was really busy too. We had church cleaning in the morning and then we had to go to Sister Perkin’s to bake brownies for a missionary activity that night. We also had an appointment down by her house with a potential named C. OH MY LANTA! C’s lesson went amazing! She is very prepared to recieve the gospel. We met at a mcdonalds with her and her kids and just got to know her and her religious background. Like everyone else in Penang, she’s buddhist, but unlike a lot of people, she’s really curious to learn more. We gave her a book of mormon and plan of salvation pamphlet and set out next appointment for this saturday. AND she said we can meet at the chapel, because its EONS closer to our house. THis, kids, is how Sister Bradfield and I got our first new investigator in Penang. BEST DAY EVER!
We’re not really sure how S and D are doing. Neither of them came to church, and we didn’t have any appointments with them this last week because they were the busy the day we were not. I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be teaching them. We are here to teach those who are excited about the gospel, not those who have to be convinced of it. They will just need to be more prepared. Now that we are comfortable in this area and stuff, we’re ready to knock its socks off. I guess Penang is infamous for low baptisms, so we’re going to change that. Transfer news came in and sister B and I will be together in Penang for at least another 6 weeks 🙂 We’re pumped!
The church is true and God loves us! I’m going to be giving a talk in a couple of weeks on forgiveness, so if anyone readying this has any great stories about forgiveness in their lives, send 
um my way!
Sister Romney
1. Sister Bradfield is like, always cold, so she got a purple blanket on the plane. I love my burrito companion!
2. Heart attacking is always fun!
3. the stellar bowling scores. I’m “R”
4. We paid an arm and a leg for these babies, but it was SO worth it.
5.  so the ice looking concoction is called Ais Kachang and it is not very nice. Its rose flavored ice with corn and all sorts of things on it. I much prefer Cendol.

 6. Bowling score!

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