Ipoh and Keyboards, feeling the Spirit

Dear family!

Sorry this email is so late! We spent two and a half hours this morning driving  with the senior couple, the Angus’s, and our elders, to town called Ipoh. We’re here for zone meeting. Basically, all the areas in our zone come together for a meeting. I know. Crazy name, right? Our zone is pretty big by way of square miles. We have Penang and Butterworth, Ipoh and Sitiawan, all with two sets of missionaries, and sister Bradfield and I are the only sisters 🙂 We’re sort of awesome that way.

Ok, questions: 

When it comes to laundry, we have a washing machine that sometimes has hot water and takes two hours to do a load. We then use an assortment of racks to dry our clothes. Hang dry isn’t so bad,but all my 100% cotton shirts sort of stretch out to a point where they are about two sizes too big. Its a good thing I love being a missionary and don’t really care what I look like.

Grocery shopping is one of those things I only do because I really don’t like being hungry. We bike to a little mall, shop and then stuff our bags with the items and bike home, all the while, trying not to fall off our bikes. 

Sister B. and I pool our money for food, and since thats pretty much all we buy, it’s not an issue so far. She’s is an amazing missionary. I’m not really sure who is training who, because she is a complete natural at this whole missionary work thing. I like to think I’m a good trainer, but you’ll have to talk to her to get the inside scoop 😉

We had a good lesson with S this week. She’s been having a hard time doing the Christian things she wants to because all her family is Hindu, so we challenged her to make time to pray and read scriptures. She also is on date for baptism on April 6! This is a huge thing for her. It’s really good we are sisters too. She's been taught by elders for far too long. Don't get me wrong, elders are great, but she gets so shy around them, a lot 

of her needs are going unaddressed. I'm not sure why all my words have gone funny. This little internet cafe in Ipoh basicallysucks. I據說他 I據說他 萬台套兩室
ok, sorry for that chinese. again I state, 
this is no good.

This week has been interesting, to say the least. On two occasions, I was referred to  different kinds of weight loss teas and face oojes of some sort.  The people mean well when they give advice, so I just take it like a missionary. Lots of smiles and “oh I’ll have to try that!” 

This week was  actually a miracle of sorts. We started this week with very empty planners. As a missionary, no plans means that your week is going to be hard. However, Heavenly Father loves us so much so he filled our days. Seriously! This week was so busy! We only had a few days with unoccupied hours, and those we can take care of, no problem!

In addition to meeting with S, we also met with a guy named  D. He’s another  hand me down investigator who has been taught six months plus. We put off meeting him because our last meeting was not very  spirit filled. When he has a question, he will defend it to the teeth until we practically pull out the gold plates to prove him. Of course, this is not how to teach. We invite others to Christ, not pull them. So when we set up the appointment, we were armed  to answer this question of his. As we started to bring it up, he admitted that he had not actually prayed and looked for an answer, because he didn’t know how the Spirit felt and that he would like to learn about that today. After picking our jaws up off the floor, we proceeded to have the most productive lesson we’ve ever had with him on the Holy Ghost. We had a sister there who shared her testimony of how she knew the church was  true, and it was amazing. After we taught him all about how to use the index of the scriptures and talked more about how the Spirit feels, he committed to  studying it this week. We’re very excited for our next meeting with him. \

Ok, here’s the funny story of this week. I got the package you sent, mom! I appreciate you looking out for me ;) so our elders are the zone leaders, 
right?They had to go to Singapore this week for a meeting, and so they grabbed all the packages for the zone while there, right? Well, they grabbed mine of course, but when they went through customs, the guard asked Elder Sutherland to open the package, because somehow the Swedish fish set something off? Anyway, so here he is with this package and he does NOT know what is inside it, so he opens it and out pours a whole bunch of tampons. He has 5 sisters, so he knows what they are, but still, its embarrassing. It was worse when the guard asked him what they were! They do NOT have tampons here, so elder Sutherland just said “feminine hygene” 🙂 He’s a good sport and I got everything you sent!

Its so good to hear about everything going on back home, especially that spring is coming! It is the hottest it will be all year right now, but rainy season is coming, which will be absolutely beautiful.  Given the choice between drenched in sweat and drenched in rain, I choose rain. 

I love you all! I thought about you all on Valentines day. I also thought about how much I love the Book of Mormon and the gospel of Jesus Christ. This gospel  is founded on love. Jesus Loves us so he suffered and gave us the atonement. He loves us so he created the gospel to get us back to Heavenly Father. Its ALL ABOUT LOVE!!!! Haha ok, love rant over. Just remember, “perfect love casteth out all fear” (Moroni 8:16)

Sister Romney

PS I dont have time to respond to all personal emails, so I’ll get to them next week. Sorry!! Blame Ipoh and bad keyboards.

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