The end of Chinese New Year

Selamat Pagi?! Good Morning!

Ok, to answer mom’s questions in bold: So how many sets of missionaries are in Panang? Are you finding many people to teach?  Are the men more approachable in Penang or are you mostly talking to women?
In Penang there are two sets of missionaries, me and sister Bradfield and Elders Ung and Sutherland. We cover the north part of the island and they take the south. We have the better end of the deal,  because we are super close to the church, so we teach there when we can. However, they have a brand new apartment…i’d still take proximity to the church though 😀
We are trying really hard to find people to teach. More on that later in the email. 
Men in Penang…we still don’t usually talk to them. Talking to women is a much safer option in ANY foreign country. However, we do talk to men if the opportunity arises.
So this week was another week of chinese new year, so a lot of people were busy. However! We did manage to get a few appointments, which, for us, is a miracle in itself. One of those appointments was a 22-year-old girl named S. She’s tamil, and a former investigators from some old elders. She speaks mostly Malay, but we communicate ok in English. She is currently living in Pahang, which is another state, but travels a few hours every day into Penang to work. Its crazy travel, but she does what she can to keep a job. After getting comfortable around each other, we started asking THOSE questions, like “what happened with your previous baptismal date?” “what is keeping you from coming to church?” and “Do you still want to be baptised?” She has a very strong testimony of Jesus Christ and wants to be baptised because she wants her spirit to be cuceed (Choocheed aka cleaned). She hasn’t been praying because every time she goes to pray, she gets physically sick and feels lots of pain. When she said this, Sister Bradfield talked about Joseph Smith’s encounter with this and testified that because she had such potential to do good, Satan was working extra hard on her. I have seen this so often here, where these people are so honest and true, so Satan works double time on them. It’s heartbreaking, so we try extra hard to ‘punch satan in the mouth.’ Anyway, so after Sister Bradfield testified of this and challenged her to pray even harder, I pulled both of them behind a vending machine (sorry, we’re walking on a street at this point in our story) and we prayed right there. No use in waiting for Satan to work on her any longer. She said it in Tamil, and the spirit was strong, even though I had NO idea what she said. After she finished, she was crying, in a good way. We rode the bus to the ferry with her and she kept talking to Sister Bradfield, saying how she wants to learn more and all sorts of great stuff 🙂 We love her already. She also committed to praying about a baptismal date. We’re meeting with her Saturday after she gets off work at 2, so we’ll pray she can keep Satan at bay until then.
So we tracted this week. And, we didn’t knock any doors in the process! Sure, that may not count as REAL tracting, but I’m going to because I was just as exhausted at the end of it. We did it two days in a row. Each day we went to a different mall and just started talking to people, getting to know them, working it into a gospel conversation fairly quickly. Sometimes the people got pulled away before we could grab them with the awesomeness that is the gospel of jesus christ, but they had a good experience with missionaries, so its not a wasted effort. We ended up talking to a total of 51 people. All you returned missionaries, don’t judge our numbers! This is a huge deal for us. We also ended up giving out three copies of the Book of Mormon, a feat in itself, as well as getting 8 phone numbers. We invited lots of people to the Chinese new year party, but no dice. We’re going to spend some time tonight following up with people to try and set up appointments. Our week is pretty empty, so we might actually have to knock since there is a limited number of shopping malls in Penang. 
The Chinese New year party with the branch was off the chain! (<—sorry…too gangster?) Our branch is terbaik, in EVERY sense of the word. WE played a few games and ate food of course, and there was also a horse competition. Since its the year of the horse, all the members got really into creating horse things. The Seminary even made a pinata! We baked cookies and tried to frost them in horse shapes, but it was…well it was sort of an epic failure. But they tasted good! A few less actives were there, so that was awesome. The new senior couple, the Anguses are going to be over the less active work.
Ok, are you ready for the most asain story ever? Very few locals can say our names…correctly (Brian Regan quote). So as such, They call sister Brandfield, the Beautiful sister and I am the cute sister. Haha I love it! Lets be real, I AM pretty cute 🙂
Well thats all for me! I love you all so much and love reading about what you’re up to! I promise I do! Keep being amazing missionaries 🙂
Sister Romney

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