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Hey family!

I love hearing about all you guys are doing at home! It sounds like life is just rocking and rolling. I’ve loved talking to you all about your missonary efforts. I know life is busy, but sometimes it only takes 5 minutes to share a testimony, and those 5 minutes can be the difference someone needs.
This week was really long and slow. The elders before us were zone leaders and spent most of their time traveling to help other missionaries. As such, they didn’t have a lot of time to work in Penang. We’re working on meeting our investigators they left us. Since we’re brand new, we spend a lot of time just picking a place on the map and biking to it. Road here in Penang make no sense. Just learning how they worked was rough. But the drivers here move into other lanes usually. However, I have felt the power of prayers more powerfully in my life here than any other time. Thank you so much for all the prayers in our behalf. There have been a few times a a driver came too close for comfort, and I know that the reason they didn’t clip me was because I have all your faith keeping me safe. And its quite literally a safety bubble around us. God loves and watches out for us. SUCH a testimony builder. 
The branch here in Penang is thriving. Since june, regualar church attendance has doubled. Its a great branch to work in. It is almost exclusively Chinese, as is Penang itself. With chinese new year on Friday, its really fun to talk to people and see the decorations. The members are so excited to have sisters back, and lets be real, its pretty great to be there!
In addition to biking all over the place and having a very sore bum, we were able to do some fun stuff with members and less actives, like fishing in a dirty ocean and making pies with expats. We were supposed to go to a birthday thing too, but Sister Bradfield was pretty dehydrated, so we just went home she hydrated. I read my Book of Mormon. I was in Helaman and 3rd nephi. There are totally stories in there I SWEAR i’ve never heard before! They are so great! The Book of Mormon is great to  read for the Doctrine and it is SO true, but sometimes, just reading a good nephite-lamanite story is fun 🙂
I wish I had more time to talk, but I just chatted with ya’lls for too long 🙂 not that I regret it. I LIVE for chatting on Mondays! I’ll give a nice long one next week! I love you all so much! Be good!
Sister Romney



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