New in Panang

Friends, romans, country men, lend me your ears!

So if you didn’t get the message, I’m in Penang, a cute little island off the top part of Malaysia. Its like, the most beautiful place on earth. Its a lot of city, amazingly enough, but there are trees and birds and noises of nature…something I missed out on in KL. 
So Monday through Wednesday was full of last minute meetings and goodbyes with my lovelies in KL. It was really sad to leave them. And to be honest, packing made it worse. I HATE PACKING! And to fit my life into one suitcase with shady wheels and one carry on stinketh. However, I can do that for my God. He just has to provide the strength to lug it across town on a crowded train. AAND he did. That Heavenly Father. He’s a pretty great guy. 
We got into Singapore on Thursday and just poked around until our trainer’s meeting. I got a few glimpses at the new sisters and they were all pretty cure. I guess I could claim them as my own. We had our trainer’s meeting, which was good. Just things that they told us as trainees. Your trainer is just more experienced, you both receive revelation, the whole 9 yards. The fun day was Friday when I got to talk to the new sisters. Again, all cute, all with 10 fingers and 10 toes. Its turns out, I get Sister Bradfield! An exceptionally gorgeous girl from New Zealand. Basically, we’re best friends now. Its so true when people say you’ll make the best friends of your life on your mission. I don’t know how else to describe her. She’s funny, sarcastic, witty, spiritual, go with the flow…all the good stuff. And the best part is that SHE HAS A FABULOUS ACCENT! I’ll be talking like a Kiwi in no time 🙂
We got here on Friday night after flying to Kingdom Come and back and were picked up by the McAllisters… AKA the best senior couple ever! They brought us to our new home and yeah…its a work in progress. Our apartment is kind of creepy, so we’ve been doing a lot of cleaning to it. Our bedroom is all nice and stuff now, so thats great. 
We were informed that on Saturday we would be going with the seminary students to a place called Monkey beach. It was great fun and we got to get to know some of the youth in the branch and their families AND touch the ocean. A pretty great day 😉 After we got home we went to a birthday party for a branch member at the McAllisters. We ate Lasagna and cake. “Nuff said.
Yesterday was even better at church. I don’t know everyone’s names, but the branch is thriving in Penang (one branch for the whole island). We even had a few investigators there who TOLD us they were investigators, so I guess we’ll be teaching them 🙂 Haha I promise I’m a good missionary 🙂
Today we’re going grocery shopping with the McAllisters and will be buying BIKES! Yup. We bike here. In Skirts. Wish me luck. 
I love you all so much! Have a super week!
Sister Romney



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