A miracle

Hey family!

This week for us was kind of low number wise.We were in Singapore on Tuesday and Wednesday and then had super planning on thursday. Since we didn’t have any appointments thursday evening, we called through some old records of people previously contacted. Sister Schriever made ranch dip, and it was a party 🙂 We had a cool miracle on saturday though. As we were walking back from an investigator’s flat in a sketchier part of town, two Malay guys were following us and trying to talk to us. As we were trying to politly get away from them, we hear a voice behind us saying “SISTERS! ARE YOU MORMON?!” Haha so we turn around to see this old Tamil man running after us. He pulls out an old namecard from sister pinkston, who has been off her mission for a year now! He was saying how he tried to call but the number didn’t work anymore. We gave him our NEW card and an English Book of Mormon and find out his name is K. He started asking us questions as we walked to the LRT about Joseph Smith and stuff. Well  by this time, the Malay guys were gone 🙂 Hooray! He also came to two hours of church. We’re going to try and meet with him, but he lives in Cheras…aka, not our area. So we’ll see how that goes.

We got to hear Elder and Sister Wilson of the Asia area 70 speak to us. They are so amazing! To sit at an apostle’s feet and hear the words of Christ is such a humbling experience.
By way of investigators, we’ve had to take 3 of our 4 investigators off date…aka, we’re not planning on them being baptized right now. We haven’t met with m in like, a month, because he’s never free. G and his sister S aren’t making changed in their lives and aren’t coming to church. So we have sweet 10-year-old U left who we moved her date to Feb 28. We think she can make it! She’s so smart and wants to come to church. She and A, her sister, came to a YW activity and had a blast swimming with the other girls. I really think they will be the thing to reactivate their Mom and Grandma!
Well thats it for this week. I love you all so much and know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints is true! When we put god first in our lives, he’ll out us first in his 🙂
Sister Romney
Breakfast of Champions
The most fabulous shirt in Malaysia, for only 6 ringgit!
Traveling in Jeans with my girls! (Sister Shriever, Sister Leavitt and Sister Fa)
Snuggling this morning with sister Leavitt. She was traumatized with how dirty our apartment was, and needed a little TLC from my Aladdin pants!
Eating Rambutan! It tastes like fruit punch!
Volcano Massage…no thank you!
10:30pm my time is 6:30pm your time! I had breakfast with you all for mom’s birthday!

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