A bit of a struggle

Hi people of America! I love you. I miss you.

But my week was one of crazy crazy feelings. 
The beginning of the week was pretty rough for me. The sister we live with, sister Fa and Sister Leavitt are on fire. We hear all their stories and miracles, and I felt like I was missing out. So I made a goal to be more exactly obedient than I have been, but nothing changed. I felt a bit abandoned by God. So I asked for a blessing from Elder Plazier, on of our branch’s elders. It was AMAZING! The first words he said were that “Heavenly Father is keenly aware of your righteous desires” and that he would bless me for them! That was exactly what I needed to hear to get my little missionary bum back in gear. After that, the week went GREAT! 
We got a surprise visit from prestident and sister Mains. We found out that they were comging the next day at 11 PM the night before. Safe to say, we used our work out time to clean our little condo. Its a good think we deep cleaned monday. But the check was pretty routine. President did interviews, sister Mains ravaged our area books, and they checked to make sure we had everything we needed and that we weren’t growing any sort of things that shouldn’t be grown 😉 No problems there!
As far as our investigators go, we haven’t met with M in a month now. Its just been one thing after another that has kept him from meeting and coming to church. Sister Schriever hasn’t even met him yet! I think in our next lesson we’re going to talk about desires and see where his are. If he isn’t making Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ’s church a priority, then as missionaries, we can spend our God’s time elsewhere. But it will be difficult. 
U and A, our tamil sisters didn’t come to church this week, which was really disappointing. THeir Mom was supposed to bring them by Taxi, but decided to take them to Hindu prayer instead.  U still wants to be baptized February 1, but I don’t think we can make that. We still have 6 lessons to teach her. We’re going to give it a few weeks to see if we can get some miracles flowing, but since they don’t have a lot of support for coming to church, that could take more time. We have faith, but we’re realistic too.
Yesterday was fast sunday and testimony meeting. Those are always a little unpredictable. We had been working with a member from Indonesia who mostly speaks Bahasa to translate her testimony into english so she could share it. With the wonders of google translate, she did amazing 🙂 We also had a less active give a testimony on sister Romney….that was awkward. He’s now passed to the Elders to work with. We also had our little A L, the first member in Malaysia, sing a song. Gotta love KL branch 🙂
Coming up this week is Zone conference in Singapore! I’m super excited. Zone conference is amazing cause you get to play with other missionaries, get serious spiritual awesomeness AND sit in an Air-Conned building all day. Sister Schriever and I are going to try and hit up a dairy queen for my little lovleys back at the Good ol’ sullivan DQ. 
Have such a good week everyone! Happy birthday mom!
Sister Romney



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