Christmas in KL





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Hey family!

     So all I have to say is that talking to you all on Christmas was amazing. You are all such fabulous human beings 🙂
following our little Christmas Chatty chat, I proceeded to have five meals, four of which were Tamil. Tamil just means South India. North India in Punjabi. Their food is super good too, but the Punjabs don’t eat with their hands. ALSO! Those Indians that mom and dad lived among in Vancouver? ALL PUNJABI!! I’ve decided that I am an Indian on my insides. I love everything about their culture! Spicy food, spicy people. Saya Suka Orang tamil!
     The rest of the week was pretty normal. We had our regular appointments with investigators and less actives. But let me tell you, Sunday was a crazy intense day! We had a Miracle when M, a less active, let her two daughters come to church. A is 14 and was baptized five years ago and hasn’t been back in about that long. Same with M. But U is 10 and isn’t baptized! So we’re teaching her and she is just a little Tamil sponge! We’ve decided to teach her the lessons twice before we move on so that we can make sure she is really understanding. She speaks pretty good English but sometimes has a hard time expressing herself. That usually when she’ll go off in Tamil to M or A. On the Second lesson we do with her, we have her teach it to us and she rocks it every time. And in EVERY SINGLE LESSON she talks about her baptism for February 1, 2014! She’s a little rock star. Anyway, so M FINALLY let us come and pick up A and U. So we took a Taxi from their house to the church. I think they had a really good time at church. We have some great ex-pat girls the same age who were helping them out. U loved church and wants to come back. A was a bit more reserved I think  because she in more comfortable in Tamil. We have two 12-year-old Tamils who weren’t there for class who I think could be a big help for her. Public School start up in a few days, so we’ll go see them on friday night, hopefully with a Punjabi Lady named A who lives two seconds from them. We’re hoping M will be comfortable enough with her to let A take the girls to church. The only thing that would hold U back from baptism would be church attendance.
     Sunday was also amazing because our  investigator G got himself to church! He only stays for one hour, but its progress!
     So as we were just sitting in Sacrament Meeting, P, my Tamil Mama waves me out of the chapel. So I grab Sister Schriever and we follow her. She leads us to a woman sitting on the couch in jeans and a t-shirt and tells us she wants to learn. So we’re all like, “apa hal ini” but we talk to her. She’s from Sabah, East Malaysia and is roman catholic but is looking for more. Her friend told her about our church so she cam to investigate. We taught her the restoration lesson and invited her to stay for the rest of church. But she speaks better Bahasa (Malay), so we got her a Bahasa speaking fellowshipper! HOLY MIRACLE! IT was like the craziest thing ever. She just took in everything we said. She lives in Cheras so we passed her to Sister Fa and Leavitt. It’ll  be good for her to go to Cheras I think, because they have OODLES of Bahasa speakers, even translators and a bahasa sunday school. Thats where she needs to be, but it was fun to teach her the first lesson 🙂
     Well today we are just going to party in our apartment all day. The Sister Training Leaders (AKA Sister Guzman!!) are coming in tomorrow and they will be doing a housing check. As such, we need to deep clean our apartment. And its good too, because its been getting nasty since Sister Guzman left.
     I love you all so much! The gospel is true!
Sister Romney
ImageChristmas morning breakfastImageSporting the sarongsImageKL on Christmas morningImageEating with a Tamil family.Imagesquishing missionaries in a car

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