Twas the week before Christmas

It was a very interesting week. Sister Guzman left on Friday Morning and Sister Schriever came in on Thursday evening. We were in a trio again for a few hours 🙂 

Seeing Sister Guzman leave was perhaps one of the saddest moments on my mission thus far. Its so crazy that we were only together for two months, but laboring side by side makes you love a person all that more. We were really united in purpose and in thoughts. We hardly ever had to guess what the other was thinking because we were so alike. So, to see my ‘mother’ leave before I was “raised’ was pretty difficult. HOWEVER! We will progress! 
Previous to Sister Guzman leaving, we did have a few more cool experiences. As we were waiting at an LRT station for a recent convert named D to come with us to P’s house, we ran into our investigator M! He gets off at the same train station. And since he and D were on the same train, we took them both to P’s house. It was so great! Teaching in Member’s homes are the best because they have a special spirit in them. We taught M the Plan of Salvation and it went really well. He has had some contact with the church, so he knew some of it. But a lot of it was new, so he spent some time thinking about it. He also committed to the baptismal date of February 8th! That makes 5 of our 6 investigators on date. We also continued to beat the dead horse of church attendance and invited him AGAIN! But he didn’t come this week because he got sick. Its the most annoying thing ever. Church attendance is hard because is the one thing that is 100% out of our control. Sometimes agency of others is hard to deal with. 
     This week was also Christmas Conference for all of West Malaysia, so tons of missionaries were there! Being with other missionaries is such a hoot I also got Your christmas package! Sister Leavitt opened it and got the CDs and pics of grandpa out for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The CDs are the best and I can’t wait to open the rest of my stuff! All the other sisters saw what was in there and were freaking out, and I was so tempted to look. BUT! I retained the spirit of the surprise and didn’t peek and then had sister Leavitt hide the package from me 🙂
     Its weird being in charge with Sister Schriever here. We’re both Junior Companion, but since I know the area and the people, I usually schedule stuff. We work together in lessons and its great 🙂 But now I have to know where I am all the time. Thus far, we haven’t gotten too lost 🙂
     We’re very excited for the coming week! Our day for Christmas is packed full of visiting Less Actives and New Members. We’ll have to be very diligent about leaving appointments on time and only eating a little at each place…yeah right. We’re going to be stuffed. Everyone here feeds you crazy amounts, and if they are indian, then its spicy!! Rice and spicy stuff is the best 🙂 
     Well keep being awesome and keep helping the missionaries! The Church is True!

Sister Romney
Some explanations of the pics:
Sis. Leavitt are very similar looking!
Haley getting her SECOND Christmas package
Haley tried to straighten her hair, but the humidity just started to get it curling shortly after straightening it.
Sis. Leavitt opening Haley’s Christmas package for her.

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