progress in reactivation

Hey all!!

     This week was up and down. A lot of our appointments bailed on us last minute, but we were able to give four of our investigators baptismal dates! That means we have enough people learning and want to be baptized! One of the biggest challenges here is that people work on sunday and can’t come to church. And since Sunday is one of the biggest shopping days, a lot of money is made and the people CAN”T get work off. It a matter of desires, and working here on sunday is sometimes more desirable than spending three hours in church. We’re working on it though.
     Sister Schriever is coming on Wednesday! Which means Sister Guzman is leaving 😦 But, she’s so amazing and all the sisters will benefit from her exchanges. We have been prepping the area for two sisters out eight weeks to take over. Its basically like God is giving KL branch two babies. But, we will press on! I know how to teach all the lessons now with Sister Guzman’s cool tricks.
     The highlight of the week was the branch christmas party on Saturday. We tried really hard to invite EVERYONE and while no investigators came, it was riddled with less actives. The dinner was catered with really good Malay and Indian food. Lots of spicy concoctions. And there was naan, which is the best flat bread ever. You can pile it with yummy and it is even better 🙂 I also performed with E and Sister Guzman. We did little drummer boy, E on the piano, me on the flute and Sister Guzman singing. All the locals had never seen an american flute before, so they thought it was great 🙂 
     Sunday we had five less actives at church! This is a record! I love working with less actives but its also super hard, because there was either a conversion problem in the first place, or they’ve gotten our of the habit of coming to church. So its hard, but really fun too. 
     I’m really excited for christmas to see you all! Have a great week!
Sister Romney

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