One last week with Sis. Guzman

Apa Khabar! 

Saya sayung kamu!! Haha that is about all the Malay I know 🙂 Not so helpful for contacting. 

It sounds like things are so busy at home! Oh how I miss it! We’re busy here too, but you guys have snow! Or well, the potential for snow. I think the people here would melt if it snowed. I mean, it rains every day, and all of a sudden life stops. “Oh I can’t go shopping because its raining!” ” I can’t leave my car because its raining.” “I’m in labor, but I can’t get to the hospital because its raining!” You get the gist. Snow would blow their minds!
So Sister Guzman and I have one more week to rock KL branch’s world! The branch is finally catching that missionary spirit and it makes the work so much more fulfilling and lasting after the missionaries leave. Too many investigators are converted to the missionaries, and not the gospel. But we’ve had lots of lessons in member’s homes and we find that it cultivates such a spirit of love, so we’ll keep doing it 🙂 Sister Schriever is going to be coming to the greatest branch ever!!
We had a bunch of great experiences this week! Here are a few:
1. We have this sassy less active names M. She served a mission back in the day and even classifies herself as inactive now. Last week she came to two hours of church and THIS week she stayed for all three. I taught the lesson in gospel essentials and she was super helpful in answering questions. She knows the doctrine really well. She has been opening up to us more and even wants to cook for us before Sister G leaves. Sister G has been calling or SMSing her for the last six months solid and it finally is paying off. Moral of the story: don’t you dare give up on people, even when it seems futile.
2. We had an appointment with the W family with two investigators, M1 and M2. They are two very different personalities, so they really should be taught separately. We were going to watch the restoration video with them,but the way it worked out, we were able to talk to them separately and address different concerns.We really taught the same lesson just in two different ways. They Ws were great too 🙂 M1 didn’t accept a baptismal date because he wants to read the whole Book of Mormon before. It is such a righteous desire! But you can have a testimony of the Book of Mormon without reading every single word. We’ll see how it goes this week.
3. So our sad story of the week involves a sweet Filipina woman. Her story is just like every other Filipina’s. They leave their kids in the Phillipines and come here to work. She has a three kids at home with her husband. But she is also illegal, like most of them as well. Malaysia has a problem with illegals, so it is very dangerous to teach them. Plus, since they can’t be baptized (artivle of faith #12) there is really no point until they go back to their home countries. We found out she was illegal after our first lesson with her, so we had to tell her we couldn’t teach her anymore. It was so sad, because she already has such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. 
4. So I have been really studying my Book of Mormon this week, hard core. I’m trying to make it through in a transfer, so I have to read 13 pages a day. I have a nice blank copy that i’m highlighting and marking like a boss. Every time we finish personal study and share what we learned, I just start yelling that the book of Mormon is true, BECAUSE IT IS!! 
So life is a test, right? Well the Book of Mormon is the answer book! Between the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and modern prophets, we are so set for what god wants us to do. Add in our PERSONAL REVALATION and We are so lucky! God loves us so much!
Well thats about it for me! We have a jam packed week what with everyone saying goodbye to Sister G. We also have the branch christmas party on Saturday, and I am SO EXCITED for that! We’re going to Batu Caves today with the Zone and I am going to try to touch a monkey! 
Love you all!
Sister Romney



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