The following few paragraphs are from our emails back and forth to Haley Sunday night.  They are a little more informative than just her letter.

We are waiting got the zone leaders to call us. It’ll be between 12 and 12:30. I’m just really worried because this transfer is super big!! We have 12 english sisters coming in (I came in with 4) so everyone will be training. Those who I came with will most likely be put with others from our group to finish each other’s training. I’m really worried about that. Thanks so much for praying for me. I can always use more of those 🙂

We had new missionary training this week and Pres. Maynes was there, so I asked him about how hard it is to place all the new sisters. The numbers kept changing from the MTCs of how many missionaries were coming in, so I don’t envy him. We have a little wall with all the names of the sisters and the areas sisters are in. We’ve been making predictions and it will totally be insane!

OK TRANSFER NEWS!! I’m staying in KL with sister Guzman for two more weeks. We have some sisters who are leaving two weeks after transfers and after that, she’ll go to Singapore to be a sister training leader. then Sister Schriever will come to KL. BREAK OUT THE MALAYSIA LIGHTS FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE! I”LL BE IN KL FOR CHRISTMAS!

Apa khabar!

Ok, so I’m staying in KL for christmas! Sister Schriever will be here December 18th! Hand clap for two more weeks with Sister Guzman!
B is ok I guess. She hasn’t been to church yet and Neither has m. You can’t be a member without coming to church!!! But He accepted a soft baptismal commitment! BOOYA!
Clothes shopping was great. I went to this little Malay thrift shop thing and got 5 skirts for about 10 USD, or 30 ringgit. yes, they are totally ugly missionary skirts, but hey, they fit my not asain body, so no complaints there 🙂
Thanksgiving was great! we had it with the american ex-pats, so it was full of turkey and pumpkin pie and all sorts of awesome.
the work here is progressing! We’ve been meeting with more and more less actives as well as investigators. We have some kids of a less active who want to come to church. We really hope they can on sunday.
Ok, so my cool experience of the week. With transfers and everything, I was really worried about having me and someone train eachother…right? So in my nightly prayers, i let Heavenly Father have it. I told him I couldn’t handle it and that i was so scared and i didn’t know what to do. SO I just asked for heavenly father to stay with me. In the most undeniably clear voice, i heard the distinct words, “I am with you always.”
Heavenly father is aware of his children. He knows us because he created us. He knows what we need before we do and when we put our trust in him, we’ll be fine. I know this is true and i can’t deny it.
I love you guys and hope you all have a fabulous week!
Sister Romney

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