Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! They’ve been celebrating Christmas for the last three weeks here! OH NO! Before thanksgiving!!

To answer questions: Ice Skating was so fun! As for the baptismal date with M1, that didn’t happen. Our lesson for wednesday got changed last second to a short meeting. We only had 20 minutes. Not much time to teach a lesson AND commit him to baptism. But we have a lesson with him and M2 tonight, so that I think is the goal ūüôā
This week was so fast! We had a really cool experience with a less active named B.
So Sister Guzman and I are focusing on less actives because KL has A LOT of them. If we want a stake in 2015, we need more members active! So B was just on the ward list and we were able to meet with her once while she was sick. We had been trying to set something up with her when I had the impression to talk to her about priesthood blessings because she had been having troubles with her heart. We found out that a sister in Cheras branch has been talking to her about the same thing! So we called her up and she totally¬†wanted¬†one! The elders did it a couple days later. She was really teary before because her grandmother has been sick. In her blessing she¬†received comfort for that as well as direction for her life. She knows sh needs to draw closer to the spirit and to God, so hopefully she can come to church. But the next day, her grandmother died. It was so sudden and she was so close to her grandmother. But I¬†think¬†because of her blessing, she’s ok. We went to the grandmother’s wake on Sunday. Buddhist wakes are…different. They build paper houses and cars and stuff to burn with the bodies so they can have them in the afterlife.¬†Interesting¬†for sure!
We had District Conference this weekend and Elder Funk of the 70 was there! Sister Guzman and I talked to him before we knew who he was. We were all, “Who was that guy?” Yup. He’s a general authority…
The Adult Session was all about missionary work and harvesting the fields. SO powerful! I hope it helps kick the branch into gear! The General Session was about Conversion, so it was also great. What else is new? Being a missionary is great ūüôā
There was a christmas musical after all about the Miracle of the Atonement. And what a miracle it is! I felt the spirit so strong through the whole thing. I cannot deny that Jesus Christ is the savior of our spirits. Without him we could not live with God again. I am so grateful for the Atonement in my life and in the lives of my investigators. I know that Jesus Christ thought of Me as he suffered in Gethsemane. But I know he was thinking of everyone else too. That is what gave him the power to continue through,. He just had to help everyone, even if they never accept him.
Well I love you guys! I am so sick of my clothes, so we found a thrift store that we’re going to raid. All clothes 5-10 ringgit, which is cheap since 1 USD is 3 ringgit!
Have a great week and keep God in the loop!
Sister Romney
Haley got her Christmas package much earlier than anticipated! Little stinker opened it up.

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