Testimony and Lots of pictures

This week was great! We got three new investigators and met some great people!
One investigator is M1. He was a referral from the Subang Elders to the Cheras sisters, who gave it to us. He’s kind of hard to meet with because he lives far away (but them again, our area is HUGE) but he works by KLCC (the big towers) so we meet with him and his friend M2. Our lesson was great with them this week, R and D were there and they taught most of the Restoration lesson. M2 has tons of questions and R was answering then perfectly! Members being present is the best! The spirit was great in our lesson. M1 really took the first vision well, but M2 freaked out a bit. he even challenged us to take it back. NO WAY!! M1 came to a YSA activity and I think he enjoyed it. Fingers crossed for getting him a baptismal date this week!
 I think the Hindu women here are the most open and willing to talk to us and learn. We met a great Indian girl named L and spent an afternoon with her, which was a miracle. But she went home (a lot of people have a hometown and live here) over the weekend and doesn’t really want to learn anymore.  She is so ready to receive the gospel but she thinks she can’t handle it. We’re going to try to meet with her anyway with a recent convert names V who is a SUPER STAR!! And she was Hindu before 🙂 It’ll be great. 
I’m not learning Malay because most people here speak english anyway. And I don’t want to…
The food here is pretty good if you’re ok with questionable cuts of chicken. I love chicken and rice and could probably eat it all day long. Just sayin’. 
We ate THREE DINNERS last night!! We had linger longer (like munch and mingle) after church, then the YSA thanksgiving dinner that Sister Guzman and I had been helping prepare the last couple days and then a dinner appointment with the branch president and his family. They are american so we had nice american enchiladas 🙂 R and D were there too and took a video of me eating a Durian flavored popsicle. Google durian. It’s gross. But Brother R should be sending you the video or a link to it, so watch it when it comes in (and check your junk mail for it mom!).
Well I love you all! we are going ice skating with other missionaries today for P-day, so I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures. 
I end this with my testimony, that Heavenly Father loves all his children and is aware of us personally. That is why Danica is ok and why we are kept safe from creepers. It is why buses come when we’re late for appointments and its why we have families. Sometimes it seems like God has forgotten us because things are not going our way, but he is just testing us, asking us to “prove yourselves herewith.” If life were easy, what would we learn? 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church of God because Christ is at its head. It’s a perfect gospel made up of imperfect people. Keep the faith, don’t eat durian and watch out for unicorns 🙂
Love to all,
Sister Romney

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