Service with a smile and a broom!

Apa Khabar!

It was a short week this week, since we got back on Wednesday. After emailing and stuff, Sister Guzman almost lost all her pics, so we went with the Bro. R and Sis. D to get her an external hard drive. Then we got dinner (paid for by the bank of R). They are great members who love sister Guzman because she’s been here for 4 and half months. Since I’m with her all the time, I’m benefiting 😀

Ok, some highlights from the week!
We have been meeting with Less Actives to try and reactivate them so the goal of a stake in 2015 can happen. We had two great lessons with B and L (two different days). We hope we can meet with them again this week so we can invite them back to church.
We also have been working really hard on talking to everyone we can on the trains and buses. I stay away from the men, just because there isn’t really such thing as a gentleman here. But talking to women turns out ok. Since we’ve been so diligent, We’ve been blessed with people calling US! We have a few new potential investigators we are meeting with this week to try and turn them into REAL investigators. If we can get two meetings and they want to meet again, then we call them an investigator.
Saturday we had this service project (where most of the pictures are from). We went to a daycare for disabled children to “wash windows and do some light yard work. 40 minutes, TOPS.” Well we were there for FOUR HOURS and I got a wicked tan/light burn on the back of my neck! I’m turning a darker shade of white and I love it! The brooms here are not brooms. I would have killed for an ACE thick bristled shop broom. It would have taken half the time!
It was great to hang out with the branch at the project. I’m finally making friends and having relationships with the members, which makes all the difference in the case of referrals. We have a goal to visit all the members of the branch. We sent around a dinner calendar and only white people signed up. I don’t think people understand that concept just yet 🙂
So here is a funny idea. Last thanksgiving, Sister Guzman’s mom wouldn’t let anyone eat until they wrote Sister Guzman a letter. Haha just an idea *wink wink*
I love you all so much! I’m sending my christmas package today so hopefully it gets to you by valentines day  🙂
Sister Romney

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