To Singapore for a day

Hey everyone!

So yes, its wednesday here! We just got back from Singapore at a Zone conference which was amazing. It is really going to change the way Sister Guzman and I do missionary work. 
The time is still going slow here and I’m thankful for tender mercies like Pepsi Light (the asian version of diet soda) with a splash of lemonade to make me feel at home. I’m not homesick, but sometimes I do miss everyone!
We focused this week on contacting our BRAINS out! We only have one progressing investigator, so we’re talking to a lot of people. We also really need some more strong members of our branch of 50 regulars, so we’re going to start working on less actives. We have a goal of 8 reactivations by the end of this transfer (Dec 5). We usually place one Book Of Mormon a day (a mission goal), so that is helpful with everything. People here are just so busy! Most everyone has some sort of job.
We went saree shopping on Thursday to fellowship V, a super cute recent convert. Brother R and his wife Sister D came and they bought all our stuff AND dinner afterwards! They are so great!
We had dinner with them sunday night along with some other families. I led out on our spiritual message (not planned) and we talked about how everyone can be a missionary and we left them with a challenge to talk to someone about the gospel this weeks. We’ll follow up with them later this week. We’re just hurting for people to teach!
Random thought: I tried fresh guava and DID NOT like it!
I’m getting better at adding to lessons and teaching Doctrine. I’m getting so much help from heavenly father, its pretty crazy though. Being a missionary is cool, because I’m living right next to the spirit, all the time. I no longer have to wonder if I’m receiving a prompting, because almost EVERY thought is a prompting. I’m also studying Christ and his teachings to help me with a little writing assignment from Sister Woodbrey 🙂 Needless to say, the atonement of Jesus Christ is a wondrous thing and there is no way I can doubt the love of our savior and heavenly father. Thats what the gospel is. LOVE!!
Missionary work can be so tiring at times. We were planning on thursday and I actually fell asleep while praying! So funny, but it proves a point. Its really hard not to have a solid teaching pool.
We’re going into this week with faith AND action AND prayer AND LOTS OF STUDY! Thanks for all the prayers on our behalf! Try and help the missionaries some time this week and talk to everyone about the gospel! 
I love you all and think of you everyday and at the weirdest times!
Sister Romney
Pics: Sis. G and I in our Indian clothes
At a lesson: the sister sitting next to me is investigating
Sis. Guzman and all the sisters she has trained
Sis. Guzman and I traded name tags and glasses for our Halloween picture
Because we need to look like we are not business people to the customs agents, we got to travel to Singapore in jeans!

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