I would just like to start this letter by saying that I love all of you more that you can even think of…I mean for real. I miss you all everyday (without being homesick) and tell all my companions all about you!!

OK! So here are the answers to your questions. I’m in Kuala Lumpur, or KL, as everyone calls it. So that means Malaysia πŸ˜‰ I would love a big malaysia flag for my room if you could get it mom!
My trainer aka mom is Sister Elisa Guzman (GoozMan). She’s been out a year and in KL for about 4 or so months. I’m her third daughter, and she has yet to keep them for two transfers, so while I hope for 12 weeks with her, i’m not expecting it. She is so amazing though. Such a blessing for me because we work really well together.
Packages I’ve heard take about a month…but no promises.
No iPads in malaysia. Singapore is close, because everyone has smart phones, and there is Wifi everywhere there.
Please send me pictures!! I need more! As for anything else, good old fashion food is great, as well as more of that bouncy creme style hair product (any brand will do). I don’t know if they sell it here, but I doubt it. And I’m trying to wear my hair down more because I think it will be a great tool to make people interested in us. Everyone here is NOT blonde and they like to stare πŸ™‚ Also a new skirt that is loose but not floor length and a color would be so nice πŸ™‚ i’m already sick of my clothes!
Today is pretty usual I think. We got on at 11:30 AM ish because its after studies. so thats 8:30 PM your time.
OK! mom, feel free to copy edit this, cause I’m just typing and not fixing πŸ™‚ So unlike me, I know!
Β So Here’s the scoop. I live in Malaysia πŸ˜€ It hits me again every day because it is the coolest thing ever πŸ™‚
The flight over was horrendous. 15 hours in a middle seat…not fun.
I got to KL on Friday and started being a “real” missionary on Saturday. And what did we do? We went to an indian wedding πŸ™‚ It was so beautiful, but the reception that night was even cooler. Two members of our branch were doing their ring ceremony (since they were already married), and we were invited. The sarees were so beautiful, as well as the people. We’re actually going to buy Sarees this week with some members because they are on sale for Deepavali! Two for 50 ringet? The exchange is about 1 USD to 3 RM (ringet malaysia), so thats way cheap.
Β I met these two little indian girls related to the bride and they tried to teach me and sister G how to Indian dance, per our request. I was the boy πŸ˜‰ They were the cutest thing, at 9 years old.
Yesterday at church, I got to introduce myself and a beehive Β told me I talked fast. Then, since she’s indian, she proceeded to tell me I have pretty hair and I let her and her sister, touch it cause its “so soft.” Pretty great huh?
We ride the LRT train system and buses everywhere! We live with another set of sisters, T (from Australia) and F (from American Samoa). Sister G is from New York. So we have to ride the LRT to get to our area, including our branch building. But its great for contacting people. We have a mission goal to place one book of mormon a day, so we talk to LOTS of people. And since about every other person here is Muslim (if not more), we have to talk to even more people to find a buddhist or christian.
I see women in head scarves everywhere, and it freaked me out a bit at first. We went to KFC and the teenager who took our order was wearing one! Even some little girls wear them! I don’t know what age it starts, but they are everywhere. I’m getting more used to it now, but its different.
We don’t have very many investigators here, so we’re doing a lot of finding. I’m getting better at it! We have a first lesson with a guy names G tonight, and we’ll be teaching the restoration, so I’m excited for that. Being a missionary is exhausting, but totally worth it πŸ™‚
Well I love you guys and will be thinking about all your costumes on halloween! We’re going shopping for YOUR christmas stuff and some things I need to pick up. Have a great week!
Sister Romney
The first two pics are at the MTC: the famous map picture, and my district.
Friday night planning session with Sis. G and our Church building!
Pictures from the wedding! So pretty!
Image 8
Image 7

One thought on “Malaysia!!!!!

  1. I was finally able to find your blog today just before the missionaries arrived. I enjoyed seeing you and will keep up with your blog and see if I can find you some hair goo!!

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