A week at the MTC

Hey Family!!

I love all the dearelders!! Keep they coming! I wish I could talk more about them, but long story short is I LOVE YOU! (Dearelder.com is a website that lets you write to your missionary in the MTC and have them receive that letter in the same day if received by 11am).

All I’m saying is that Disneyland has got NOTHING on the MTC, because the MTC is REALLY the happiest place on earth! I feel the spirit ALL THE TIME and get revelation even more! It’s kind of crazy.
To answer questions!! I’m not homesick, but I still love getting letters every night from DearElder. I haven’t gotten the package yet, but will check tonight. I run into Maryann oftenish, and have seen Maitlyn Stewart! Church is done in branches, not the whole MTC and isn’t a block. Throughout the day we have our meetings. A branch is your zone, which can be anywhere from 2 to 4 districts. I’m actually called as our branches music leader…for one Sunday. Pretty funny!
Days in the MTC are incredibly long and are mostly spent sitting. Sitting in class (6 hours), sitting at meals, sitting in meetings, you get the point. Lots of sitting. Class is great cause we just learn fundamentals of the Doctrine  of Christ, plus ways to teach it. However, Im not a fan of role playing.
So I’m on the main campus! Weird how that worked out…but its great. Its only three of us in a room, so the size isn’t bad at all. We were supposed to have 4, but one sister never came! WooHoo for a tri companionship! And Summer, the food is totally worth it.
My Companions are very inspired. Sister Jensen is from Alpine Utah and we instantly clicked. We’re such good friends already. Sister Schriever (pronounced Sh REEV er) is very passionate and our relationship is good.
My district has 6 elders, Freshour and Lewis, Wilkinson and Solomon and Bennet and Ballard.
OK! Now for some cool experiences! In the first few days of being here, I felt inspired to ask Elder Lewis for a blessing. As it turns out, it was his first one! He did great! He blessed me to sleep better and eat healthy so my body would function and that I would have the spirit with me. It was so simple but so powerful.
We have two fake but real investigators, Michelle and Hely. Michelle is played by our teacher, Sister Mitchell, and is a tough nut to crack. I actually started sobbing because we had a bad lesson with her and I was  just frustrated. It felt good to just sob it out.
Hely is our TRC investigator which means that she is a real person playing an investigator. She’s great, but we’ve finished teaching her.
AHH! So much to say, so little time!
Dallin H Oaks came and talked to us, which was soooo cool! To hear an apostle of the lord was so cool! I actually sang in a choir for that devotional. We did the Motab version of praise to the man and we learned it in two practices! Unfortunately, those Devos (devotionals) aren’t available to the public.
Sunday nights, we have “movie” time where we watch something spiritual. We watched the Character of Christ which I wrote more about in a letter coming your way, Mama! Long story short, it changed my life.
Being a missionary is no cake walk, but I love it! Wish I had time to write more, but you all have letters coming!
Love you
Sister Romney

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